Body Microcurrent


Facial Microcurrent

Facial Microcurrent


What is the body microcurrent?

A microcurrent body is a non-invasive treatment that applies gentle electrical “micro” currents to the skin’s surface to tone, tighten and brighten a dull complexion. The mild currents provide slight stimulation to your facial skin and muscles, helping to prompt the following anti-aging processes:

Lymphatic drainage is increased to help flush out impurities

Collagen production is enhanced for tighter, toned skin

Facial muscles are stimulated to help improve muscle tone

Circulation is enhanced to nourish facial tissues

What does a body microcurrent feel like?

Unlike some anti-aging treatments, a microcurrent facial is soothing and relaxing—all you need to do is sit back and enjoy some time to yourself as your aesthetician runs the microcurrent rollers across your skin and works to restore your healthy glow.

Who can benefit from a body microcurrent?

Microcurrent facials can be an excellent option for any skin type to enhance the skin’s overall tone and natural glow. If you are noticing general signs of aging such as a loss of skin tone and a dull appearance, a microcurrent facial can help restore a tighter, brighter appearance.

For younger patients who are interested in maintaining their youthful appearance, a microcurrent facial can help boost natural rejuvenation processes in your skin and facial muscles.

We can also use microcurrent facials in tandem with Botox or fillers to enhance your results and provide more comprehensive facial rejuvenation.