HCG Program


HCG Program

HCG Program


HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone found in pregnant women that allows them to more efficiently metabolize nutrients.

Use of HCG injections to help with weight loss began in the 1960s. Its use decreased for many years, but in 2007, it was reintroduced as a viable option for weight loss. Injecting HCG into the body decreases appetite and can help in cases where a large amount of weight loss is desired.

Ideal candidates for HCG injections have the following characteristics: stubborn fat areas, such as the thighs, belly, arms, or back, suffer from slow metabolism due to inactivity or aging, have struggled with yo-yo weight loss and dieting, are Type 2 diabetics, have metabolic syndrome, have had multiple pregnancies, are currently experiencing menopause or andropause.

Typically, HCG treatment plans are 26 or 43 days long. During this time, patients must follow a strict diet of no more than 500 calories a day and no carbs, sugars, or fat.

HCG patients can experience the following benefits: appetite suppression, reduced irritability, increased energy and vitality, enhanced feelings of well-being, increased metabolism , decreased blood pressure, reduced blood sugar and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels.

If the plan is followed carefully, most patients can lose one to two pounds a day. It also helps the individual on the plan develop new eating habits that they can continue after the injections are completed, helping them to continue to lose weight and learn to maintain their goal weight.

Are HCG injections your key to losing weight?

If you have tried every way to lose weight and find yourself losing the battle, HCG injections may be your key to losing the weight you want, or need, to lose. HCG injections require a strict diet and are successful only if you can change your eating habits for life. If you have tried everything, HCG injections are a serious commitment that not only helps you lose weight but can help you lose a large amount of weight safely and change your life.

Our experience makes the difference

Become a weight loss success story! To achieve the best possible results, you need an experienced professional who can help guide you to the most promising treatment method, and then skillfully apply her experience to that specific treatment. The Stamford Anti-Aging and Weight Loss team is dedicated to exceeding your nutritional needs!