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As the effects of gravity, age, and sun damages progress, drooping and laxity of lower fa e and neck result. Patient are commonly distressed by the deep wrinkling that develops between the corner of the mouth, chin and drooping of the jawline.

Grab Your First Nonsurgical Facelift treatment for $99 (Value at 135)

Hi, I’m Dr. Grisell Paz and I have been helping woman with facial rejuvenation with great success! I am offering a special promotion of 50% OFF the first nonsurgical face-lift treatment to the first 40 people who redeem the offer through the link provided! Each treatment is regularly value $135.

Our Micro-current Facial Sculpting technology utilizes exclusively designed conducting wands wich emit Microcurrents. The currents penetrate the layers of skin through specific acupressure points thus causing increased production of collagen which smooths and softnes lines and wrinkles on the face with no downtime afterwards!

Grab Your First Nonsurgical Facelift Treatment For 99$(Value At $135)

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