Success Stories


Success Stories

Success Stories

I am a 47 years old female that suffered all my life been overweight. A friend of mine who has done the treatment with Dr. Paz introduced me to Dr. Grisell Paz. I didn’t believe it when she told me that I would lose at least 40 pounds if I followed her directions. I followed the diet as she directed me and I went for treatments twice a week. The first week I lost 6 pounds.The second week I was up to 12 pounds. Dr. Paz told me that my clothes would start to feel big on me and have more energy and it did happen.I stayed on my diet and treatments and did not cheat once Until August 14 2011 I reached a total lose of 40 pounds. I went shopping for my new clothes cause I was leaving on vacation.Let me tell you I never in my life went shopping the way I did. It was the happiest moment in my life I never thought I would look this way I went from a size 20 to a size 9 everything I tried on looked fabulous. I felt so proud of myself that happy tears came to my eyes. I went on vacation for a month. I still wanted to lose more because I knew I could do it As soon as I got back I started back on the treatment and now I have lost a total of 53 pounds. My current weight is 144 pounds. Dr. Paz taught me the right way to eat and how to maintain my weight. I never want to be over weight again. I am a new person and feel fantastic thanks to Dr. Paz


I have tried many many different ways to loose weight diets, shakes, just running, pills, I had lost some weight but I gained all back, the only thing I found that worked for me was the loss weight treatment with Dr. Paz, I can’t thank her enough on how she guided me and helped me through my treatment;, last June I started the program and in few months after I had lost 24 pounds, It felt great loosing pounds every week, and loosing the inches was even more exiting! I was size 12, now I am size 8. Almost 9 months after I’m still keeping the weight off. I can exercise without getting tired right away, I can walk in high hills again without back problem and best of all I know that my confidence increased tremendously! Thank you Dr. Paz ! Sincerely, Fanny


My name is Guadalupe and I lost 45lbs in less than 3 months. I was skeptical that this program would be different than all the others. BOY WAS I WRONG! The weight came off twice as fast as anything else I’d tried. I had no waist line before and my legs had cellulite. My body had no shape. Each day that I looked in the mirror, I got sadder and sadder. In turn, I ate. Finding Dr. Paz was more than a blessing. The program, the way of life, and the counselors turned my life around! I thank them every day! Now, I wear low cut jeans and have re-established control, and a huge sense of self worth and esteem. Thank you! … I really was shocked that this worked because I had tried EVERYTHING and nothing else worked! I feel and look 100% better and have more confidence that ever before. 18 short weeks and it’s a new me!!


I started gaining weight in 2002. My weight just kept getting out of control and I was diagnosed with Hypertension and Thyroid problems and Type 2 diabetics. After being put on many medications I decided to make a change for myself and made an appointment to see Dr. Paz was really helped me and kept me on track even when I slipped off. I started to wear a size 16 and today I am pleased to say I am a size 8. I am no longer on any medications and have a clean health record. Thank You Dr. Paz. You saved my life and I will NEVER go back to that old person again!

Treresa L

All my life I have always “been” on a diet. Not really needing it because I have always being a thin/slim person. But as I was approaching my 50th birthday I was noticing some changes in my body. I went from a size 4 to a size 10/12; I was miserable! I felt that everything I was eating, even a piece of gum I gained 5 pounds! I went to see my physician and my obgyn and they also noticed the big changed on my weight they both told me that it had to be my hormones charging. Went through some test including my thyroid and all came back fine except for my cholesterol that it was very high. Never in my life I have had high cholesterol so that was the “turning point” for me. I started “my Quest” for a diet were I need it to drop 25 to 30 pounds which I had put on in the past 3 years. Nothing really worked really for me. Weight watchers, acupuncture and other fast diets. I will drop 5 pounds up and down and that was it, I was feeling frustrated and miserable. One day, I was coming out from Majesta beauty salon in Norwalk, CT were a friend of mine is a stylist and I looked at her and she looked amazing! couldn’t believe it. I complimented her and asked her what she did and that’s when she mentioned Dr. Grisell Paz diet and treatments in Stamford, CT. I did not hesitate and I called right away to make my appointment. Dr. Paz greeted me with a big smile and her warm personality. We talked about my weight problems and she said the only thing thing that she needed from me was my “true commitment” to the plan. I was so pleased to hear Dr. Paz tell me that I was “fixable”. She told me that I will loose my 25/30 pounds if I follow her plan and don’t cheat. I followed the diet as directed and saw her twice a week for my treatments. The first week I lost 6 pounds and the second week I lost more. Dr. Paz told me that I would start seeing a difference on my clothes and that I would have more energy. I couldn’t believe it! Finally somebody could helped me to get to my goal. I continue with my treatments, followed my plan and did not cheat. By the end of February 2013, I have lost 25 pounds and I’m back to a size 4/6! I went on vacation on March 2013 to the Dominican Republic to visit my family. I was able to go to the beach and wear my bikini again!! During my vacation I gained 4 pounds. (4 pounds in 10 days) not bad at all. Called Dr. Paz, got back into my plan and I lost 5 pounds and back to my food plan. After accomplishing this great success and listening to Dr. Paz advice’s, sticking to my food plan, attending my appointment treatments and teaching me how to eat right and the most important; how to maintain my weight….there is no way back! You know that if you cheat and when you cheat, you have to make sure you fall back on your plan. Dr. Paz is also there for you to help you with your maintenance program. I am a NEW person. I feel amazing and that I have conquered something big, never again to be back to my old ways and to a size 10/12. Thank you Dr. Paz! you are truly an amazing person and you have giving me my life back!! Warmest regards,


This was simply the easiest weight loss protocol I have ever followed and exciting too, because the results are so immediate. I lost 28 pounds in a month.

Mary G

I was as close to death as anyone could be when my friend introduced me to Dr. Paz. I had many hospitalizations. I was insulin dependent diabetes and my doctor told me to lose the weight or die. I never saw myself going to a weight loss center because I couldn’t imagine it helping me, but thank God for Dr. Paz. Now I’m catching up on 40 years of living: tennis, football, motorcycling – even just sitting in a lounge chair (that I hadn’t done in 30 years). I feel better than I did at 20: no more insulin, no more diabetes. I got my life back this year. I lost 150 lbs and went from a size 26 to a 6. I could not have done it with you Dr. Paz. I am happier and healthier than I have ever been!. Thank you so much Dr. Paz.

Michelle G

I feel good about myself now. My health improved and I am not taking medication for my diabetes anymore.

Jeff G

I have regained my self-confidence…I never considered this a diet but a change in the way I live.

Dominique F